Management Consulting

Leading critical projects with strategic planning and hands-on assistance.

Management Consulting: AFO’s Management Consulting practice partners with Boards of Directors and senior executives to bring to fruition their strategic plan objectives. AFO creates a portfolio of business initiatives and agile
project approaches to ensure the objectives are met. In a recent engagement at one of the largest U.S. Community Services organizations, AFO helped to increase private fundraising by more than 105%. As well, AFO streamlined marketing and human resources operations by implementing the Salesforce platform, and a SAAS payroll system as well as other cloud-based services.

For community and local-based business, AFO distinguishes itself by bringing local talent to its business partners. AFO believes seasoned talent with a breath of experience are best able to understand the demands for local businesses. Our clients providing global services often face the most complex market-place dynamics; AFO resources have global experience with broad industry and functional expertise.